WOMEN IN FILM: Tiana Glass

This next segment in Women in Film, is an interview with a superb collegiate student named Tiana Glass. I was able to catch up with Ms. Glass on a Sunday afternoon after a very tiring weekend (She had just participated in Vagina Monologues the evening before). Ms. Glass arrived with a faint smile on her face and a large backpack filled to the brim with books. As she sat down I offered her one of the coffees that I had picked up after realizing the cold was going to be harder to shake out of my bones then usual. After taking a few sips of coffee Ms. Glass, a natural storyteller, begin to tell me all about how she got her start, her insight, and her goals for the future. Ms. Glass started of sharing
about as a child she didn’t see who she was portrayed in the media.

“I saw the minimum of Black Women, “ she stated. “… that wasn’t shown on television because that wasn’t deemed as beautiful.”

 Ms. Glass shared with me, how this took such a toll on her self-esteem, and self image as a child and even into adulthood. She started out wanting to do magazine journalism for such magazines as Seventeen, and Cosmopolitan. One day Ms. Glass decided to read the mast heads of the magazines, and she realized that there were not a lot of women in color dictating what went into these articles, and spreads. This realization took place second semester of freshman year, and Ms. Glass said to herself, “ I wanna take that different approach and challenge notions of Black Folks in the media.” She feels this also stems from a, “ Lack of representation of women of color specially dark skinned Girls….” Ms. Glass has done just that and is enrolled in the University of Missouri Journalism Program with an emphasis in Film Studies.

Reported by Kelcea Barnes
W.O.W Radio Blogger

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