Black Hair is ME!

Woe! Wow!! Have you noticed. Black hair is making a comeback. To express black pride in heritage fosters pride in self. Pride in culture. Pride in community; Obviously, that's why black history and positive black images have been misplaced in the annals of American History books.

"If pride comes before the fall we as black people must erase the false~pride grounded within ourselves by the assimilated standards forced on 'we the black people' by oppressors committed to one cultural image according to their standards"

"We as elders must teach our children who they are"

To bring back black hair means bringing back black unity; bringing back positivity; and, bringing back love of self.

Think about it, "when children are taught their personal characteristics are inferior, ugly, and or substandard in the eyes of the dominators - - who once kidnapped, transported, raped their ancestors and prostituted their services in the name of humanity -- they begin to lose or modify black concepts of beauty by imitating the brainwashing standards not generally biologically inherent within the black race.

Oh yes, "Mama", black hair is making a comeback!

History tells us that during the initial kingdoms on earth African Kings, Queens and royal figures sported woven hair intertwined with strands of gold proudly expressing their royal status in society.

History tells us the assimilated style of processing (or Conking) the hair saw a time in history when black men altered their appearance to gain acceptance in a white dominated society while striving to succeed by any means necessary; even if it mean downplaying or selling out ones own people and or ones own culture.

History tells us that any young black person sporting an AFRO (and I happily did) during the 1960s and 1970s was viewed to be a militant, a revolutionary, and rebel bent-and-determined to undermine the power structure firmly entrenched by America's capitalist elite.

So, Shout out to my Father, my Grandmother, Mom and Dad for giving me nappy hair of various textures ranging from course to very course. from fine to very fine so I can tell the whole world "it's All Mine!"

If my hair makes a positive statement about my pride, and you don't like it,thennn, Step Aside; proud man walking.

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If my course hair is contrary to YOUR biased standards derived from generations of racism and segregation, oh well - I give thanks to my God for My creation.

Smile! My hair says I am unique. It says I am special. It says "I" am ME!!

If the culturally oppressing assimilators wish to label me as rebel, brand me as an outcast, call me communist, traitor, or simply an undesirable human being because of my hair, I say "so be it" - you are not seeing what "I" am seeing -- and that's the true me.

"We as elders must teach our children that Black is indeed Beautiful"

Yep! Black hair is coming back, therefore, embrace it, wear it as a badge of honor and be you!

"Things get hot when black expression becomes obvious! "WHY"???

J. A. Dula PhD
--Socratic Speaker--
(Ask WHY until YOU arrive at TRUTH; not speculation!

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