WOMEN IN FILM: Harleigh Wacker

Welcome to March the month of unpredictable, might be cold, but looks really warm outside weather, and WOMENS HISTORY MONTH! This year W.O.W Radio along with affiliate OG Media Productions are featuring Women in Film for this years acknowledgement of amazing women who are changing the world!!

We, as women, have had a strong presence in the film industry from its inception until now. The film industry plays quite a large role in the portrayal of women and everything that we are associated with. (click here check out a history of women in film) I had the privilege and opportunity to chat with two phenomenal women who as the future of film are already making big strides in film from their film to their visions.

The first women that I got in contact with was Harleigh Wacker. She has received acclaims at the Red Dirt Film Festival last year for the film she directed called, “The Last Zombie Standing”, and is well on her way to becoming a force in the film industry. Did I mention that she is only a senior in high school?! "The Last Zombie Standing” follows the start of the zombie apocalypse, Ted, his girlfriend Laura, and his stepsister Kate, fight to try to survive on their own. These teenagers took on the start of the apocalypse with a strong mind and a strong will, but once reality hit them they begin to crumble and fall. Will the three teenagers survive on their own?

Ms. Wacker had a bit of time outside of her busy schedule to chat with me about her experience in film. One of the first questions I asked her was: What part of the industry does she consider herself to be in, and how did she get her start? “I am in every part of the industry..” she wrote, “..if I can do it, if I can learn it, I want to do it.” Ms. Wacker got her start at around the age of 9. She explained, “ I loved making videos, like most young people, but I was really into editing and wanting to make it look nice.” This spark, and eventually an accidental appearance at the Red Dirt Film Festival and then a job offer as a Production Assistant on a movie, all led Ms. Wacker to where she finds herself now.

Her thoughts on Women in film and her membership in this industry were not only insightful, but overwhelmingly true. “I really want to show that women can be just as good as men in the roles of director and producer. Women are told to not be so demanding and keep quite, which is really hard to do when you are directing.” She went on to say, “The best thing that could happen is women empowering other women instead of envying them.” Ms. Wacker is one of the young faces that is going far in an industry, that is overwhelmingly due for a shake up.

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Stay tuned for my next women in film interview this month with, Tiana Glass!

Reported by Kelcea Barnes
W.O.W Radio Blogger

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  1. For a better trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7QOz4dqs_g